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“ You are most yourself when you are wrapped up in your purpose and not your position.”

About Me


Hey!! I'm Hilary! Thank you so much for being here! There are no words for how sweet (and terrifying) it is to be in pursuit of a dream. I am a wedding, portrait, and travel photographer, and if you would have told me at any point in my life, up until two years ago, that I would be doing this, I would have thought you were crazy. It wasn’t the plan, but life never fully turns out the way we think does it right?! I remember my now husband handing me his canon camera a month before we got married and telling me I needed to start taking pictures (I guess he saw something in my lil iphone pics?!). That summer I took that camera everywhere with me, and I fell in love with the art. It’s not about being a photographer for me though…it’s about telling a story. A story of your love, your family, the little details you so meticulously chose for your day, the big moments and in-between moments, the laugh-so-hard-your-face-turns-red moments and sweet tears shed as you vow forever in front of friends, family, and creation. I’m here for it all. I’m not about the awkward poses where you smile and look into the camera the entire time. Let’s be honest…those aren’t YOU. I want to capture the authentic and organic moments. BE WEIRD. Be in love. Be spunky and silly and still and loud. Be YOURSELF because you and your babe have a beautiful story to tell, and I’m here to capture it all. Let’s make these moments last forever.


my love and i


Now it’s your turn! Tell me something about you. Dogs or cats? Tacos or pizza? Beach or mountains? I want to know what makes you YOU!


Q & A


Do you travel outside of the midwest?


Yes! I love to travel, and I am trying to do more and more of it every year. So, contact me wherever you are because I would love to talk, and I offer custom packages for elopements and destination weddings/ shoots!


What gear are you shooting on?


Cannon 5D Mark IV, Canon 6D (backup), Canon 85mm 1.4L, Sigma 35mm 1.4, Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 100mm 2.8, and Neewer Speedlite NW-670


Do you back up photos?


Absolutely. I shoot with two cards in my camera at all times, and the photos are copied to both of them while I am shooting. After a session, I back my photos up on three hard drives and do not clear my images on my cards until final photos have been delivered. My gallery system is also a backup for my final images since I do not delete my galleries. AND there is the cloud.


What if im awkward in front of the camera?


I GOT YOU! I want to capture you and your love just as you are, but I know there might be the “uhh what do I do with my hands” moment. I am there for you all the way through, and I will help guide you two when needed so that you feel confident and carefree through the session or wedding.