Under Canvas Zion

Love + Adventure. That is why I do what I do, and what better way to experience that than from attending Wander Workshop! Not going to lie, attending a workshop was initially extremely intimidating for me. Becoming a photographer has just been one step out of my comfort zone after another. Nothing about this job is comfortable for me because I know there is so much to learn and grow in. I like the idea of knowing it all, but nothing in this life offers that opportunity, so I move forward in the unknown…taking one uncomfortable step after another!

When Wander Workshop announced that their next location was going to be in Utah, I hopped on the opportunity so fast. I knew that if I gave myself too much room to think, that I would talk myself out of an incredible opportunity with ridiculous excuses. Excuses such as, “you’re not good enough” or “you will never really be able to do travel photography, so don’t invest in this.” UGH I’M SO MEAN TO MYSELF SOMETIMES. But sorry not sorry Insecurity, you didn’t win this one. I booked my flight to Utah, and headed off!

There are truly no words to explain how incredible my experience was at Wander Workshop. The community, conversations, education, and shoots were unmatched, and my heart left so full and inspired. It was the most amazing experience to shoot alongside women and men who have their own stories and processes. We were all so different yet we all, at the core, desired the same thing: to create magic. To create stories and something meaningful. To just simply do our best and celebrate that.

So, here’s to just that: celebrating doing our best and embracing our own individual journeys as we grow.